scanned image of main keys

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Keyboard main keys

Close-up Main keys

Keyboard Right-side

Close-up Right-side

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This is the REAL "short"CUTTING Board




UPDATE 2/14/2002

VT[2] BETA TESTERS time is running out for an opportunity to be the first to purchase The "short"CUTTING BoardTM at a discount. Discount expires February 14, 2002. Follow the NEW Link, you must have the ID/password used to access the Betaforce site in order to access the new page.


UPDATE 2/04/2002

The keys have arrived!! We're SHIPPING!

Now that Newtek has announced the shipping of the Video Toaster [2]TM (aka VT[2]). Baron Productions has been able to send the finalized shortcut list to our keyboard manufacturer.

Introducing..... The "short"CUTTING BoardTM ....... it slices, it dices, it julians..... OK so it might not do all of that, but it will save you time!!!

It has been proven that knowing the shortcut key in software improve performance and save time, being able to see the keys and not have to refer to a manual or pop-up menu saves even more time. Adding a tool like The "short"CUTTING BoardTM will do just that and saving time gives you time to be more creative on the projects you're working on, that will add value to your work. Bottom line time is money, saves it and will more than likely help you make a little more.

90% of the shortcuts for Video Toaster [2]TM are on The "short"CUTTING BoardTM.... the other 10% involve mouse clicking and dragging. Keyboard shortcuts for Toaster Edit, the Switcher, Capture and DDR/Ext. Control are all documented on the keyboard.



If you'd like to buy The "short"CUTTING BoardTM by Check or Money order, just email us that you are sending us payment (to the address below).


Beige "short"CUTTING BoardTM - BUY IT NOW for $149.95 ,(SRP is $159.95) plus $9.99 shipping/handling (CA residents add 7.75% sales tax)


Black "short"CUTTING BoardTM - BUY IT NOW for $169.95 ,(SRP is $179.95) plus $9.99 shipping/handling (CA residents add 7.75% sales tax)


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